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Funding Process

How to Request Funds:

1. Visit the following link and fill out our 

There are no public forms.

Online Proposal. Complete the form and include all appropriate information; be sure to describe your request in as much detail as possible. The more information we have, the better chance you/your organization will have of receiving funding. We look to fund thoroughly thought-out, organized programs that will be advertised in advance and well attended (if applicable ).

2. Submit your proposal online by THURSDAY at NOON/12:00 PM, the week prior to the RHA meeting you wish to present at. Any proposals received after this will be considered for next week's council meeting.

3. Present your proposal at the Finance Committee meeting the following MONDAY in CUB L37. The Director of Finance will email you with the time for you to be present, as it depends on the number of proposals submitted that week (the meetings usually are between 6-7pm). At this time the Finance Committee will review your proposal and gather information from you.

4. Then, present your proposal at the RHA Council meeting that same night, MONDAY at 7:00 PM in BUTCH'S DEN. You will be included in the agenda for that meeting and will be given an opportunity to speak to the council about your funding proposal. After you have presented feel free to leave the meeting.

5. Return to the RHA Council Meeting the following week to see the result of your proposal. You will be asked to give a brief update/summary on your proposal and then leave the room while the council votes. After voting, you will be emailed by the Director of Finance with the details of the final decision made and explanation of the required advertising process for your program.

6. You’re done!


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Organization Info

The Residence Hall Association exists to "Encourage resident involvement through on-campus support, University-wide communication, and student-led advocacy"

Residence Hall Association | Washington State University | PO Box 647204 | CUB 302 | Pullman, WA 99164-7204 | 509-335-3470 | wsu.rha@gmail.com