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The Residence Hall Association (RHA) at Washington State University is a council of students representing every residence hall (except McEachern Hall). The council is made up of five elected Executive Board members, 38 Hall Council-Members (two from each hall), and one Advisor. Overall, the Residence Hall Association strives to increase student involvement across campus, support fun, safe, and educational programming for residence hall students, and advocate on behalf of on-campus residents to the university.

Our Mission

The mission of the Washington State University Residence Hall Association is to ultimately better the residence life experience on our campus. Assisted by student involvement and the interests of other organizations and departments RHA accomplishes this in three primary ways or "core values". The official mission statement is:

"To encourage resident involvement through on-campus support, university-wide communication, and student-led advocacy."

This mission is supported by the Residence Hall Association's core values:

Support: Support campus organizations, students, multicultural and residence hall programs through funding and volunteer manpower.

Communicate: Provide efficient communication with world-class faculty, ASWSU, the Department of Residence Life, student groups, and between other Residence Hall Associations nationwide.

Advocate: Promote the voice of students by listening to and understanding resident needs while using this student-led input to influence higher decision-making.  


Residence Halls at Washington State University

Community/Duncan-Dunn                   Rogers

Gannon-Goldsworthy                           Scott-Coman

Global Scholars                                    Stephenson East

Honors                                                 Stephenson North

McCroskey                                           Stephenson South

McEachern                                           Stevens

Northside                                             Stimson

Olympia                                               Streit-Perham

Orton                                                   Waller

Regents                                               Wilmer-Davis



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Organization Info

The Residence Hall Association exists to "Encourage resident involvement through on-campus support, University-wide communication, and student-led advocacy"

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