Constitution and By-Laws of the Food Engineering Club
Amendments adopted: October 8, 2012

Article I - Name
The name of this organization shall be the Food Engineering Club at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.

Article II - Objectives and Purpose
The objectives of the club are to foster a close relationship among the food engineering students, faculty, and interested students at Washington State University; to encourage leadership and improve presentation and communication skills; to acquaint students with specialties within food engineering; and to promote greater interest in this profession.

To implement these objectives the Executive Committee shall:
a. Encourage programs which contribute to the knowledge and stimulate the mind and vision of members. The programs may include speakers, demonstrations, field trips, visual aids, and opportunities for association with active members and leaders in the profession.
b. Foster activities that lead to the development of civic and social responsibility of the members.
c. Develop activities that challenge the potential talents of members. Individual initiative and management responsibility should be encouraged in the planning and execution of club functions. Members shall be given the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills in the organization, present their ideas, and participate in the club’s parliamentary procedure.
d. Work to promote better communication between the food engineering discipline and the public at large.

Article III - Membership
Section 1: Classes of Members
Classes of members in this club shall be Active, Associate, Honorary, and Alumni Members
Section 2: Eligibility
a. Active membership shall be open to all WSU students interested in food engineering. Active membership should be approved by the Executive Committee and is subject to the conditions set in sections 3 and 4.
b. Associate members shall be persons who are not students and include visiting scholars or students from other universities or people employed in the food industry, governmental organization, university, or related discipline. These members should be actively engaged in the food engineering discipline and be interested in helping promote the objectives of the club. The chair of the department, all faculty and staff members in Food Engineering in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering shall be, ex officio, Associate Members.
c. Honorary members shall be persons who have made outstanding contributions to food engineering.
d. Alumni members shall be those who were active members during the previous years.
e. Students who meet the membership requirements of this section may not be denied membership on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, disability or veteran status.
Section 3: Duties
a. It shall be the duty of each member of the club to support the club's objectives and activities.
b. Members shall act in good taste when attending either Club functions or other functions as official representatives of the Club.
Section 4: Annual Membership Fee
An annual membership fee of $20 will be collected from all active members for the term August-May every year. Students joining the club in the spring semester would be required to pay a $10 fee to be established as members for the remainder of the academic year. All other types of members have the option of making a financial contribution or donation, but are not required to maintain their status as an associate, honorary, or alumni member.

Article IV - Government
Section 1: Officers
a. The elected officers of the Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, CAHNRS student senate representative, and committee chairs.
b. If any officer fails to attend two consecutive FEC meetings without notifying a fellow officer, such action will be considered an official act of resignation.
c. No person may serve in more than one executive board position in the club during the same term.
Section 2: Executive Board
a. The Executive Board shall comprise the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
b. The Executive Board shall conduct all business of the club not requiring action by the Members.
c. Any major decisions made by the Executive Board must be ratified by a quorum of members at the next FEC meeting prior to any official public action being taken (Article VIII, Section 2).
Section 3: Committees
a. Each Executive Board shall determine the club committees during their terms of office.
b. Examples of committees that that could be beneficial for this club:
i. Professional Development Committee
This committee would be in charge of organizing and coordinating any activity that may help develop the club member’s professional skills. Such activities may include but are not restricted to: workshops, lectures and trips (industrial visits).
ii. Community Outreach and Social Committee
This committee would organize community outreach or volunteering and social events for the members. Such activities may include food drive for the food bank, potlucks, picnics, etc.
iii. Public Relations Committee
This committee would monitor and update the Food Engineering Club website, Facebook group, OrgSync and other social media outlets. They would also be responsible for developing annual newsletter and other promotional materials, such as videos and fliers.
iv. Financial Committee
This committee would fundraise for club activities and events that require a larger financial investment.

Article V - Duties of Officers
Section 1: President
The President shall arrange and preside at all meetings of the Club and Executive Board. He/she shall name all positions and committees for which provision has not otherwise been made in these By-Laws. The president will act as the contact person for all correspondence with the club from within or outside the university and be the liaison with Campus Involvement. He/she shall perform all other duties prescribed for his office by parliamentary practice. He/she will also be responsible to keep the active status following the RSO policies. The president will lead the editing of annual club newsletter and sending them to all associate, honorary, and alumni members.
Section 2: Vice-President
The Vice-President shall carry out all duties assigned by the President. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the Vice-President shall succeed to that office for the balance of the term. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside at meetings. The Vice-President shall serve as the program chairperson of the club; coordinate all activities not related to meetings planned by the committees and serve as the liaison between the committees and executive board. He/ She will be responsible, along with the committees, for submitting the club’s activity agenda at the beginning of each semester to the executive board. After approval from the executive board, the agenda will be presented at the first club meeting to inform members of that semester’s activities.
Section 3: Secretary
The Secretary shall be responsible for preparing and distributing notices and reminders for club meetings, programs, activities, and any other club news. He/she shall keep records of meeting and event attendance, prepare and distribute meeting minutes, and organize any other official records of the club. The Secretary shall keep a record of all the membership status and members participation in committees.
Section 4: Treasurer
The Treasurer shall handle all receipts, financial transactions and, with the approval of the Advisor, shall make all disbursements for the Club. He/she shall collect and record membership dues and work with the Secretary to record all membership status. The treasurer shall report all financial activity in monthly FEC meetings. He/she shall prepare a budget with the assistance of the officers for any club activity requiring funds. He/she shall sign the club signature card at RSO at the beginning of each academic year. At the end of the term, the Treasurer shall present the book to the Advisor for audit.
Section 5: CAHNRS Student Senate Representative
The College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) Student Senate Representative shall attend all CAHNRS Student Senate meetings and act as the official representative of the club at these meetings. This person will speak for the club during the meetings and is responsible for recording minutes for the CAHNRS Student Senate meetings. He/She shall update the club members on the activities occurring in the student senate and CAHNRS in general.
Section 6: Committee Chairs
Committee chairs will be elected for each club committee and these chairs are responsible for organizing and leading the committees for which they preside over. Committee chairs should arrange meetings with members of their committee to plan events and activities for all members of the club. The committee chairs shall report their updates to the Vice-President, who will report to the executive board monthly.
Section 7: Reports and Records
At the end of the term, officers shall write and sign an annual report of activities and accomplishments, and submit it to the Advisor. This report shall clearly state the procedures and methods used in carrying out the duties of his/her office. The Advisor shall approve these reports and file them in the Food Engineering Club files for reference for future officers. The Secretary's and Treasurer's records and books shall likewise be stored in the Food Engineering Club files.
Section 8: Official Repository
The Food Engineering Club files shall consist of a file drawer or a portion thereof, in the office of the Department of Biological Systems Engineering.

Article VI - Election of Officers
Section 1: Eligibility
Each candidate for an executive committee office (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) must be an active member of the club, who has been a member for at least one semester. They must also have attended at least 50% of the regular meetings and activities of the club during the past semester. Candidates for CAHNRS Student Senate Representative or committee chairs only need to be active club members; newer members are encouraged to participate in these officer positions.
Section 2: Nominations
Qualifying members may be nominated by another member or may nominate themselves for officer positions beginning one week prior to elections. Nominations close for each position when voting begins for that position. Any qualifying member who is nominated for a position may respectfully decline or accept this nomination.
Section 3: Elections
The democratic process shall be used in conducting a vote to elect club officers. The meeting when the election will take place must be announced to the active members at least one week in advance. A quorum is needed to have an election of officers. The order of the election of officers will be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, CAHNRS Student Representative, and lastly Committee Chairs. The club shall vote using paper ballots that will be counted by at least two club members, preferable officers, who are not candidates for the position. The winner of the position shall be announced immediately and candidates who did not win may choose to run for a different position. For example, if a candidate did not win President they may nominate themselves for Vice-President. In the event of a tie, there will be another vote with only the top two vote receiving members. In the event that two members desire to be co-chairs or co-officers, sharing the officer position, the club shall decide by a blind vote whether to have co-officers or only allow one person to occupy the position.
Section 4: Length of Service
The length or term of service for each officer follows the academic year (August-May). The executive committee shall be elected during the spring semester during the year prior to which they will serve and may begin running the club at the beginning of the summer semester in May. The CAHNRS Student Representative and Committee Chairs shall be elected during the beginning of the year (fall semester) for their term of service to allow new active members of the club a chance to participate.
Section 5: Officer Succession
In the event that the President cannot fulfill their duties, the Vice-President would assume the title and duties of the President for the remainder of the term. An election will be held to fill the Vice-President’s position for the rest of the year and any qualifying member may be a candidate. Remaining open officer positions will also be filled during this election. In the situation that any other officer is not able to continue in their position, an election to fill their position can be held at any time.

Article VII- Advisor
Section 1: The Advisor for the organization shall be selected from qualified faculty, staff, or administrators in food engineering in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering.
Section 2: The Advisor must take an active role in the organization and guide the executive board in achieving its mission and purpose. He/She shall audit the Treasurer's books and approve the annual reports of the officers.
Section 3: The Advisor will serve as the official liaison between the club and the Department of Biological Systems Engineering. This person is responsible for understanding the guidelines governing an RSO.

Article VIII-Meetings
Section 1: A regularly scheduled general meeting shall be held at least twice a semester and officers may call additional meetings if needed.
Section 2: A quorum shall be present in order for any official business to be conducted. Official business includes: election of officers, change of the annual membership fee, and any other major decisions involving club fate or finances.

Article IX-Quorum
Section 1: Quorum is defined as 50% of the organizations active membership plus one.
Section 2: Quorum is necessary for any voting that occurs within the organization and only active members may vote.

Article X- Method of Amending Constitution
Section 1: All amendments to this constitution require notice of 1 week prior to being discussed and voted upon.
Section 2: The constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds majority membership at any regular or special meeting.

Contact Person:
Pavitra Kumar, President

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