Food Engineering Club is a Registered Student Organization (RSO), initiated by a group of graduate food engineering students of Washington State University in 2010.

Advisor's Column 

It is a great pleasure to watch the Food Engineering Club (FEC) growing and enriching the experience of its members. I am pleased to note that the student members winning scholarships, travel grants and paper competitions from various scientific societies and conferences, with acquiring summer internships, and graduated students securing prominent leadership positions in academia and food companies. At the same time, FEC continues to maintain it’s social, cultural and outreach activities. I cordially welcome you all to read the 5th year annual newsletter and learn about exciting accomplishments of the FEC.





Shyam Sablani, PhD

FEC Faculty Advisor/Associate Professor

Presidents' Cheer

I am happy to lead the Food Engineering Club, Washington State University, as its President into its 8th year of activity and functioning. FEC has stood out in terms of a graduate RSO, for its structured and professional establishment – officers are elected each year, by the process of nomination and confidential voting. This registered student organization, ever since its inception in 2010, has as its members a diverse group of student professionals from different parts of the world, working together for a common goal.

The past academic year was a very dynamic one in terms of its activity spectrum. Besides our conventional activities, such as Welcome Back potluck, the Secret Santa gift exchange and the Annual Dinner, and Industry visit to the Seattle area, we also participated in our community outreach program at Lincoln Middle School, Pullman – we had fun addressing a class of enthusiastic middle school students, and explaining what processing and packaging mean to the food industry, through interactive presentations. We also included a fun-filled activity on sensory panel evaluation, to help them understand how food products are evaluated before launch.

We were actively involved in the activities hosted by our College, CAHNRS: the annual Fall Fest, the Food Drive etc. to name a few. That way, we ensured that our presence and involvement at the University level was recognized. 2017 also saw our involvement with the Food Science Club, and the Food Product Development Club; we participated and worked together with their members in global food product development contests (which is becoming a FEC tradition now), gourmet chocolate making workshop etc. As part of end-of-year activity, FEC members explored outdoor trapshooting – a sports activity that was the maiden attempt for most of us.

I am grateful to my predecessors for their contribution, the faculty members – past and present – for their support and encouragement in making this a strong student organization. I hope to continue the legacy of the RSO, in terms of the holistic development of the members – professional, social as well as community outreach. I look forward to a fruitful 2018, and eager to work with the rest of the executive board and the committee heads.





Pavitra Kumar

President (2017-2018), Food Engineering Club

Past President's Delight

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” ~ Henry Ford

The Food Engineering Club began in 2010 looking to enrich student life, strengthen bonds between the students and faculty, serve as a platform for students to improve their professional development skills, and encourage greater interest in the profession. This unique registered student organized has stayed together for 6 years. FEC is a diverse group of people from around the world; we have learned to be better communicators and work together towards a common goal.

I am excited to say that I believe the FEC is meeting the definition of a successful group according to Henry Ford. Congratulations to our current President, Deepali, for leading the FEC through many activities this year and continuing the success of our club. I am looking forward to seeing the next generation of food engineers continue the FEC traditions of coming together, keeping together, and working together.

Go FEC...Go Cougs!




Ellen R. Bornhorst

Past President, Food Engineering Club

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Pavitra Kumar, President

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